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    Gourmet, products and buildings

    Yang Xiaodong

    With years of experience in painting, he has a solid foundation of fine art for his photography career. He is especially expert in food shooting. He has systematically and completely taken the photos of China's eight major cuisines with his camera. In the product and building shooting, he also made a lot of achievements.

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    Wang Haitao

    Products, still life

    He was a former designer and joined the image industry later. He is both an image user and image producer. Such advantage makes his works standing out quickly. He is good at shooting all kinds of themes, especially in products and still life with more than 150 regular clients.

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    Zhang Xiao

    Urban buildings & landscapes

    With his boyhood dream, a photographer, he started to travel around Europe and the United States in 2012. He is good at shooting urban architectural scenery and seeking to become an excellent creator of image contents. He is hardworking on this way.

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    Liu Lei

    Buildings & landscape

    As a Master of Cultural Heritage who has been using camera since childhood, he loves photography crazily. Although he did not choose photography as his career finally, his works are also wonderful because photography is his biggest hobby.

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